• Submitted papers will be considered as verbal and poster presentations.
  • Abstracts will only be accepted via the website. Please use the abstract submission form on the website. A sample abstract summary Word file was prepared on the congress website. Prepare your work by taking into account this file.
  • The abstract should be written in English or Turkish within the limits of abstract form. The abstract should be composed of minimum 200 and maximum 250 words.
  • Full texts should be sent to the email address notified to the authors in a way not to be more than 8 pages including references as in the example indicated in webpage within a week following the completion of the congress by the relevant authors. ISBN number will only be allocated to full text book (SUBMISSION OF FULL TEXTS IS NOT COMPULSORY IN OUR CONGRESS. FULL TEXTS ARE INCLUDED IN THE FIRST SECTION OF THE CONGRESS PROCEEDINGS BOOK AND THE ABSTRACT TEXTS ARE INCLUDED IN THE SECOND SECTION).
  • The names and surnames of the authors should be clearly written.
  • Authors 'institutional information should be clearly stated in all abstract works and authors' information should be entered in the information panel on the web system in full. Mail address, institutional information, telephone numbers and other communication information of the authors in all papers and posters should be registered on the system in full during the registration process. Since all the information about the conference is made through your membership information in this system, the congress will not be responsible for any problems that may arise due to a possible information problem. All membership information must be entered in the system completely, accurately and correctly,
  • Abstract titles should be written using uppercase characters. It should be 12 points. The font in the entire paper must be written with TIMES NEW ROMAN.
  • Poster studies should be 50x70 cm in size and should be prepared in a way to cover summary, introduction, purpose, scope, method, findings and results. Under the title of paper on top of all posters, authors' names, surnames and institutional information should be listed sequentially.
  • Accepted and presented papers and posters will be announced on the website of the congress after the congress and all participants will be sent the book of papers as "PDF".Any papers and posters that are not presented even if they are registered will not be included in the congress abstract book. All participants must present their papers and posters. The registration does not mean that the papers and posters will be printed in the abstract book. No matter what the reason is, papers and posters not presented will be excluded from the abstract book of our congress and authors and participants won’t have any demand about this matter on the congress management. All participants have to act in accordance with the relevant scientific program and perform the presentation.
  • Participants may present their papers and posters as "ENGLISH or TURKISH". According to the language the presentation is desired to be made, the works prepared on that level should be uploaded to the congress website and expected to be sent to the referee evaluation. According to the outcome of the referee evaluation process, the participants will present their papers sent to the congress in verbal or poster form. If the work has obtained negative opinions from the referee evaluation, the paper will be refused. Rejected papers will not be included in the congress. In this regard, participants and authors cannot make any demands or sanctions on the congress. These rights are unilaterally owned by the congress.
  • The papers and posters accepted at the congress will be uploaded to our international refereed journals in accordance with the publication conditions of relevant journals after being a member on their websites and they will be published in relevant volumes of journals as a result of the evaluation of field editors and referees sequentially. The authority unilaterally belongs to journal editors and management. There is no such thing that the papers accepted in the congress will definitely be published in journals. Journal process will sustain as a normal procedure. The journals will not go out of their rules under any circumstances. Acceptance and presentation of papers doesn’t mean that these relevant papers and posters will be published in related journals. Regarding the papers presented in our congress, the relevant participants will be supported about their publications with the assistance of relevant scientific sponsor journals and in line with the standard procedures of journals. It doesn’t mean that the papers of the participants and those whose papers are accepted in the congress will be definitely published in relevant journals. The papers accepted and presented in the congress may be rejected. This authority unilaterally belongs to the journal and management.





NOTE: Dear participants; the application, research and case studies prepared related to “HUMAN, ANIMAL, ENVIRONMENT AND OTHER MATERIAL” must obtain the approval of “ETHICAL BOARD AND INSTITUTIONAL PERMISSION”. This is obligatory for all papers. There is no such obligation for literature and compilation studies. In studies produced from theses, the name of the thesis supervisor must take place as the second author in the study. In the studies produced from the theses, it is absolutely necessary that the advisor's approval is taken and the name of the advisor concerned should be included in the study. All participants are responsible and liable for the papers sent to the congress. In legal and other problems that may arise, all liability solely belongs to the author who uploads the paper to the system. Our congress reserves all legal and other rights in case of such negative conditions. For the papers sent to our congress, the condition is requested that they haven’t been presented, rejected and published elsewhere. The papers uploaded to the system by the relevant participants in line with these conditions are accepted.