Selçuk ÇELİK, Onur DOĞAN, Mustafa Özgür KESKİN
It can be obtained from the dizzying businesses experienced in the industrial industry. Applications such as automation systems, internet of things, artificial intelligence are some of the components of this change. Seamless integration of these systems into the business ecosystem can only be achieved with information, communication and internet technologies. Increasing connectivity in workplaces will cause many facts to change. Although the workforce plays a key role in today's industrial industry, this situation is expected to change in the near future. With the internet of things, all kinds of elements in the business ecosystem can be tracked in real time. The workforce will be replaced by smart machines supported by embedded software and algorithms. Thus, monitoring of employees, production, machines and locations will be provided much faster and easier with these technologies. In this study, the effect of remote monitoring and tracking systems on occupational safety culture was investigated. In the study, it was determined by monitoring that the occupational health and safety (OHS) measures are applied correctly in the work at height, roadside works, critical lifting operations, all operations in the electrical network (High Voltage (HV), Low Voltage (LV) contact and common facilities). It was made in order to determine by whom and in what circumstances the video confirmation and video recording processes will be carried out, how they will be audited and how violations will be evaluated. Within the scope of the study, among the high-risk activities within the field operations, the electricity sector (working at height, lifting operations, road-environmental safety in roadside works, breakdown, maintenance, repair, planned outage, construction works facilities to be carried out in high voltage, low voltage and joint facilities, 3 It covers all activities (such as person work, maneuvering). Video confirmation system refers to transactions that are given instantly, while video recording refers to the transactions that are archived for later analysis. It is expected that the study will contribute to the occupational safety culture and to the judicial and administrative proceedings as a result of occupational accidents at an optimum level.

Anahtar Kelimeler: Remote Monitoring and Tracking System, Electrical Occupational Safety, Occupational Safety Culture